a conundrum perhaps with such pretty things!

hello, my name is Tamara and I am a Google Reader addict. trouble is I rarely get a chance to keep up with all my blog loving and inspirational websites and my (one) financial page. but when I do, I have some favourites that I check first and one of those is The Savvy Photographer. this woman is amazing and through just recently moving half way around the world Marsha has still managed to keep it all together online and have a fantastic new site and blog. there are great items for sale like the Barnwood flooring and frame collections. being a consumer (although I must admit I have cut back on my ‘consumering’) it’s hard not to just click and buy! there is a giveaway on her site and to get something free (fingers crossed) I need to pick my favourite item. oh, to choose…just three maybe? if you’re looking for a little consumer torture as a fellow photographer or just a fellow consumer, you may find what you do so desire here. or…at least help me decide! 🙂

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