I just wanted to squeeze her all up!

I know, another post so soon? why, you already just did one!
Ah, yes. I am trying to keep ahead of the game here. it’s been a busy summer with a wedding in Niagara to come so I want to enjoy my vacation/work trip and finish all my editing like a good girl. it feels good!
I love Harriette and Robert! I photographed their wedding a couple of years ago and had the pleasure of taking some family shots. we went to one of my favourite locations, after rescheduling once due to very hot weather – somewhere around 30something celsius. this was the day after hurricane earle and it was much cooler and windy. I had brought a big and fuzzy blanket along just in case and by the end of the session I was almost ready to jump in their with her…brrr!
their sweet, sweet little girl was a little unsure of the whole situation for a while but eventually she just konked out! I just wanted to squeeze her all up for all her cuteness!


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2 Responses to I just wanted to squeeze her all up!

  1. Shay says:

    Love the shot of the bundled baby! Beeeautiful! Your framing is impeccable.

  2. Kristen says:

    Lovely. I adore the sunflare. Nice work!

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