super-excited purchase!

Okay, so after probably a year of dream and drool, I finally put my foot down. I ordered a Kelly Moore Bag. I guess I gave myself some time make sure it was what I wanted, plenty of time really and certainly more than the 24 hour rule! But, that’s good. I usually see something online and want to buy it yesterday. I have been practicing long-term gratification and it has made me feel better – although I don’t think my VISA company is too thrilled!
So, if you have’t seen or heard of the Kelly Moore bags then you must check them out. must, must, must. Well, you should anyway. 🙂 One of the biggest sales points for me as I am a big veggie myself for over a decade, is the fact that the bags are made from a water-resistant man-made material. Sweet. And they stand up on their own. The B-Hobo bag is like a ‘purse’ but you can have your camera body and a couple lenses in it and no one would ever know the difference. Love it!…this would have come in handy when we just recently went home to Niagara Falls for a visit/wedding shoot. I had my iPhone but that’s just not the same when you try and get a pic of your child feeding a giraffe! I got the tongue of the giraffe in the pic (it’s something like 18 inches long…) but no child. Hmpf.
Note to self: it’s time.
So, when we returned I hopped on the computer all excited to order and they were out of stock. Merde. But a good sign. These babies are hot! Got my email today saying I could now pre-order and voila, the deed is done. Ooh, I can’t wait.
Okay, maybe I sound just a little excited but after waiting this long, don’t I deserve to be at least a little elated?
Here she is:

To see more pics go to the Kelly Moore Bag site here and dream, drool and do the deed yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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