I just wanted to squeeze her all up!

I know, another post so soon? why, you already just did one!
Ah, yes. I am trying to keep ahead of the game here. it’s been a busy summer with a wedding in Niagara to come so I want to enjoy my vacation/work trip and finish all my editing like a good girl. it feels good!
I love Harriette and Robert! I photographed their wedding a couple of years ago and had the pleasure of taking some family shots. we went to one of my favourite locations, after rescheduling once due to very hot weather – somewhere around 30something celsius. this was the day after hurricane earle and it was much cooler and windy. I had brought a big and fuzzy blanket along just in case and by the end of the session I was almost ready to jump in their with her…brrr!
their sweet, sweet little girl was a little unsure of the whole situation for a while but eventually she just konked out! I just wanted to squeeze her all up for all her cuteness!

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oceanstone and sunshine!

katy and I had a great time photographing elisa and nathan’s wedding day. the sun was shining and you could feel happiness in the breeze (mind you, it was still hot!). it was a pleasure to spend the day with such a wonderful couple and their family and friends. elisa and nathan were laid back and truly made our work not seem like work at all. I only wish the reception didn’t arrive so quickly as I could have kept shooting!
congratulations elisa and nathan!

great shot by katy - nathan gave the men matching argyle socks (love it!) to wear and the book 'blindness'

another by katy

elisa had these great clutches made for her ladies. I love them!

does she wear the grey or the yellow? the grey or the yellow... grey it is

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halifax waterfront wedding

tiffany and eugene just recently got married and what a beautiful blue-sky day it was! I always feel a bit for the guys with those suits on but they held onto those smiles despite the heat – thanks guys! the ceremony was at a quaint little church in Cole Harbour and then we went down to the Dartmouth Commons and waterfront with a great view of Halifax in the background. the ferry was running at the time we went out to the pier and I managed to get a cute shot of the new husband and wife with the ferry in the background. here are some of my favourites as a preview of what’s to come in the next few days. hold tight and enjoy!
congratulations to tiffany and eugene!

always have to have a dress shot!

love this atomizer and just had to get a shot with eugene's ring (something new, something blue?...)

tiffany had a great smile and I like this shot of her enjoying the moment while getting ready

boys in blue

I just couldn't help myself. I thought this was so cute!

damask kisses. I'm addicted.

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beach family

I love photographing at the beach – despite the little dust bits that end up in my camera (arg). this family is special to me as they are family. 🙂 we had a great time and so much fun in the sand and water that we almost got locked in the park area! I’ve never gotten my camera equipment into the car so fast! after we passed the gate to soon be chained (in about one minute maybe) we came upon a nice rocky beach area with a wonderful sunset. there is a reason that I love this beach and time of day for photographing.
smile again.

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firetrucks and all!

just recently I had the pleasure of photographing a very beautiful young woman and her beau of a husband. I have known nadine for years and she is a gentle soul mixed with elegance and silliness all in one. nick is truly in love with her and I can see why. they have that bond between them that resonates and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. smile.
about the firetrucks…nick is a firefighter (as are a couple of his groomsmen) so his lovely mother made a call to the local station who were more than happy to show up in their big, shiny trucks! thanks, guys!
thank you, nadine and nick, for the pleasure of sharing your day.
p.s. if you want to see more click here!

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brothers so sweet

not too long ago while doing a shoot I couldn’t help myself but get a shot of some sweet boys. oh, so sweet…

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tea party

I just recently had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family and their delightful and energetic children. (really, someone with some extra time on their hands should seriously figure out a way to bottle all that energy and stop just saying, “I wish I could find a way…”.) just last year Malve and I got together and did some belly shots and then some baby shots, so this is part 3 and counting!
I love this new Blog It Board action from MCP. it’s one of many that I find are a part of my regular editing ritual. this is my first time using it but now the last! I digress…
speaking of rituals, Malve decided to have a casual family portrait session capturing something her family does on a regular basis – garden tea time. I love it! her children are wonderful and just beautiful and so expressive as are most. I love the look on her little girl’s face as she looks up at the camera and says this one word repeatedly and with so much  insistence – if only I could remember what it was now!

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one of my favourite families!!!

phil and catherine are an amazing couple and have this beautiful little girl. she is such a distraction and I love it! for instance, I can be talking to Catherine and suddenly this little bunch of sweetness looks my way and my mind goes blank – I just can’t help myself but to get absorbed by her.
I was so excited when I got to photograph Phil and Catherine pre-baby-in-arms and here is one of my faves from that shoot…

what an amazing day for this shoot. just look at that sky!

Here are some from our recent shoot which began at my favourite time – just before sunset. I love shooting when the sun is on it’s way down and prefer this for all my sessions. the lighting is optimal and check out the last shots – so worth waiting for! little miss beautiful was a joy the entire session! can’t wait to do it again!

recreating the previous image but even though the clouds didn't participate as I'd hoped, I can't complain!

love this one.

one part baby, one part sand and...voila, happiness!

we came across this burnt-up shack and couldn't pass up the 'photo-op'. the lighting was juuussst right.

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Rosita and Dion

I had the pleasure of photographing Rosita and Dion’s wedding just last month and I must say again that it was a pleasure. rosita has so much fun in front of the camera and dion was perfectly laid back and natural. what a great couple!


possibly the best shoes ever!

love the detail in this dress

I love this shot of Rosita - so much fun!

a great group of guys

the lovely ladies

one of my faves

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this is me – well, kind of…

my husband and I each have an iTouch as we are holding out for the phone (another post to come soon enough!). he just purchased this cute app called ‘Pocoyize’ where you can make yourself a Pocoyo character. for anyone with kids or who knows someone with kids you have probably heard of Pocoyo. it’s this sweet show on Treehouse (Canada) and PBSKids and probably some other stations we don’t get. but, many times as laugh as much as a child when I watch it. I love that! pure, ol’ fashioned funny stuff that just makes you feel good.
being behind a camera most times it’s rare someone gets me in front of one. so, for now, here’s me. or at least the Pocoyo me. I call this ‘me’ Tamcoyo. or maybe, Tamoyo. or Tampoyo…
here I am…

this is Pocoyo just in case you’re wondering. you have to see him dance – so cute!

favourite character? mine, I think, is Pato, the duck.

check out http://www.pocoyo.com for a good, pure bout of laughter.
now, back to editing.
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