ladyshark portrait give-away!!!

I am so excited to be offering this give-away! as the wedding season is almost over for me (one more to edit and how fun it was!!!) I am getting into the Christmas spirit already. Now, I know that Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet in the States, but here in Canada, that holiday is long gone and although Halloween is just around the corner the Christmas decorations are in full display at many stores. so, to join in on the spirit of things I thought, what better way than to have a give-away (yay!).
the giveaway is a free 1/2 hour portrait session and a set of 25 kewl christmas cards. the session will be within the halifax/dartmouth area (otherwise travel extra) on Nov 6 or 14th. (value of $140)
so, here’s what you need to do:
1. join my facebook page and mention this give-away on your fb page
2. follow me on twitter and tweet about it
3. mention whether you fb’d or tweeted me
in the comment section of this post tell me what you like most about Christmas whether it be the movie ‘white christmas’ (I watch it every year), bailys and egg nog (yum!), chilling with family (totally!) or new socks (gotta keep the toes warm up here in Nova Scotia!).
the contest will end Sunday, Oct 31st and I will announce the winner Monday. So, don’t forget to leave a link for me to know who you are! And, if you love me (or even like me) but don’t live here any longer, you could still fb and tweet about the giveaway (lil blog luvvin) and then someone you know may win and that’s okay too!
~go get your spirit on!~



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8 Responses to ladyshark portrait give-away!!!

  1. Christina loves Christmas Choral Concerts!!!!!! (and christmas alliteration, apparently). I fb’d you (and tagged your page in my post). Great idea, Tammie. 🙂

  2. Shayron says:

    What I love most about Christmas is spending time with family and dear friends (*ahem*) who I only get to see but a few times a year. That’s really the only gift that matters to me.

  3. Shannon says:

    My favourite thing about Christmas is making fun of It’s a Waonderful Life, because it is NOT a wonderful movie.

    Also, that one time I got a cat. That was pretty cool.

  4. Marlene Sobie Stepien says:

    Christmas is my favourite time of the year–reason/s? It’s good to be in the warm sunroom watching –yes — White Christmas and sipping on Baileys with Milk and remembering love-times we’ve had in our family. The Christmas Tree–yes always stays up too long, but that’s just another favourite thing.

  5. Harriette Matuk says:

    HI Tamara,

    I love White Christmas and watch it every year too! Also, A Christmas Story.
    I love decorating my tree, and having friends and family over to catch up and celebrate with those that are close to me.
    Also, we got engaged on Christmas Day, so its an extra special day. With Esmee now, I can’t think of a happier time!

  6. Gina says:

    I love Christmas music! I could listen to it all year long. In fact, we officially start listening to Christmas music on Nov 1 every year. Already digging out the CD’s and gearing up the ipod! 🙂 Ho Ho Ho!

  7. roy says:

    Well Tammy,
    I would say Baily’s and Eggnog would be a fav at Christmas. However the whole season of gettogethers with friends and family is great to. Talk soon.

  8. My favorite things – Christmas music, time with the family, seeing the magic through the eyes of the kids. I am linking back to you on my FB page 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win girlie.


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