I think I may need to get my hands on some of these!

I get newsletters from greenerphotography.com which has great products and great ways to help photography companies/businesses be more earth-friendly. I already use recycled cd/dvd cases and printable labels. that’s one step. I also use recycled paper from whcc for my cards and my event cards are from willow paper works which are eco-conscious as well. it’s so exciting as so many companies are realizing that in this day and age, it’s somewhat of a responsibility to do what you can to make the world a healthier place to live. it may be a trend but if that is what it takes I am all for this trend. none of us are perfect but we pick our battles. I know I do – I am a vegetarian turning raw foodist (20/80 I hope) but I do have leather boots. but, my lovely kelly moore b-hobo bag which I am almost crazy with anticipation for (it should be here soon!!), is leather-like.
so, greener photography has showcased these life-boxes in their latest newsletter. Paul Stamets presents  the Life Box, a special cardboard laden with seeds and mychorrhizal fungi. it has elm and pine trees alden in the box which you just replant so to speak and watch it grow. wowsers! seems like an ingenious idea and I may just need to try them out. the world could use more trees…

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