NotL, a wedding and a tractor…

just last month I had the privilege of photographing a friend’s wedding back home. it was perfect timing as my husband had a photo shoot of his own to art direct at Fort George in NotL (Niagara-on-the-Lake) which is my favourite place to go when I visit Niagara. I think I visited NotL a total of five times and bought two hats from Beau Chapeau, had a wonderful dinner date with my super-awesome husband at Corks, a dinner and beer get together with an old friend who just finished his second season at Shaw (hi Craig!) and a nice dinner at Corks (so good I had to go twice!) with two of my bestest girlfriends for many years.
there were many highlights of my visit home including seeing my mother and step-father, various family member and friends, eating home-made perogies (!!!) and of course, spending a day with good friends and family for Dave and Amanda’s wedding.
it was a full day of shooting and I have many faves. Dave and Amanda were great and I love their sense of humour and I think their personalities stand out in the photos we took that day. we had the wedding party shoot at Kurtz Orchard which I had no idea was so beautiful. there was an old tractor just on the other side of the bridge and we all knew we had to include it in our shoot. glad we did!
for all those waiting to view the full online album, I hope these will help satisfy some curiosity for now (it won’t be much longer!).
~congratulations, Dave and Amanda!~


one of my faves - love the look on their faces!



yet another favourite. tractor on the shot list!



it not often there is a pic of me and I have none on my blog yet so here I am at the top with two of my bestest friends and two of the sweetest most beautiful children (miss you all already!)



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5 Responses to NotL, a wedding and a tractor…

  1. Melissa says:

    Great shots of wedding party!

  2. Becca says:

    Beautiful wedding! I love your shots! 🙂

  3. Diana Foster says:

    Love your blog. met you on Clickinmom’s. Great shots. Love to chat about portraiture. Let’s e-mail!

  4. Ellie Abucay Giammattolo says:

    I LLOOOVVVEEEE these pictures! You’re work is always wonderful and brings me right back to the day. Thanks for posting the picture of the five of us. Miss you lots and lots!!!

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