oceanstone and sunshine!

katy and I had a great time photographing elisa and nathan’s wedding day. the sun was shining and you could feel happiness in the breeze (mind you, it was still hot!). it was a pleasure to spend the day with such a wonderful couple and their family and friends. elisa and nathan were laid back and truly made our work not seem like work at all. I only wish the reception didn’t arrive so quickly as I could have kept shooting!
congratulations elisa and nathan!

great shot by katy - nathan gave the men matching argyle socks (love it!) to wear and the book 'blindness'

another by katy

elisa had these great clutches made for her ladies. I love them!

does she wear the grey or the yellow? the grey or the yellow... grey it is


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One Response to oceanstone and sunshine!

  1. katy Mahon says:

    Phew! What a sunny, sunny day! Such a beautiful spot for a wedding. The photos turned out great. You have such a terrific eye. I can’t wait to see more.

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