tea party

I just recently had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family and their delightful and energetic children. (really, someone with some extra time on their hands should seriously figure out a way to bottle all that energy and stop just saying, “I wish I could find a way…”.) just last year Malve and I got together and did some belly shots and then some baby shots, so this is part 3 and counting!
I love this new Blog It Board action from MCP. it’s one of many that I find are a part of my regular editing ritual. this is my first time using it but now the last! I digress…
speaking of rituals, Malve decided to have a casual family portrait session capturing something her family does on a regular basis – garden tea time. I love it! her children are wonderful and just beautiful and so expressive as are most. I love the look on her little girl’s face as she looks up at the camera and says this one word repeatedly and with so much  insistence – if only I could remember what it was now!


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One Response to tea party

  1. Miss Malve says:

    “A bike!” “A bike!”

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