one of my favourite families!!!

phil and catherine are an amazing couple and have this beautiful little girl. she is such a distraction and I love it! for instance, I can be talking to Catherine and suddenly this little bunch of sweetness looks my way and my mind goes blank – I just can’t help myself but to get absorbed by her.
I was so excited when I got to photograph Phil and Catherine pre-baby-in-arms and here is one of my faves from that shoot…

what an amazing day for this shoot. just look at that sky!

Here are some from our recent shoot which began at my favourite time – just before sunset. I love shooting when the sun is on it’s way down and prefer this for all my sessions. the lighting is optimal and check out the last shots – so worth waiting for! little miss beautiful was a joy the entire session! can’t wait to do it again!

recreating the previous image but even though the clouds didn't participate as I'd hoped, I can't complain!

love this one.

one part baby, one part sand and...voila, happiness!

we came across this burnt-up shack and couldn't pass up the 'photo-op'. the lighting was juuussst right.


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3 Responses to one of my favourite families!!!

  1. Catherine Hebb says:

    thanks so much Tamee. We had soooo much fun that day, and you were able to capture one of the most precious times in our lives. Manaia’s sparkling personality shines through in these photos, we just love them. You are truly gifted.

  2. katy Mahon says:


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