this is me – well, kind of…

my husband and I each have an iTouch as we are holding out for the phone (another post to come soon enough!). he just purchased this cute app called ‘Pocoyize’ where you can make yourself a Pocoyo character. for anyone with kids or who knows someone with kids you have probably heard of Pocoyo. it’s this sweet show on Treehouse (Canada) and PBSKids and probably some other stations we don’t get. but, many times as laugh as much as a child when I watch it. I love that! pure, ol’ fashioned funny stuff that just makes you feel good.
being behind a camera most times it’s rare someone gets me in front of one. so, for now, here’s me. or at least the Pocoyo me. I call this ‘me’ Tamcoyo. or maybe, Tamoyo. or Tampoyo…
here I am…

this is Pocoyo just in case you’re wondering. you have to see him dance – so cute!

favourite character? mine, I think, is Pato, the duck.

check out for a good, pure bout of laughter.
now, back to editing.

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