ooh – I love a pregnant belly shoot!

I had the privilege of shooting (always sounds so violent no matter how many times I say it!) a friend and her belly. she was due anytime so we made the most of it and I got some great shots! at this post she has already had her lovely little girl! so sweet she is (and mommy too!).


Close up

one of my faves - love the soft lighting in the background.

in silhouette

ah, did I already say a 'fave'? I really like this one, then! love the silhouette!

Urban Mamma-to-be (again)!

urban mamma! (photog geek out here a bit - I love shallow depth of field!)

My Mamiya C220 film camera - love the square negs!

Belly, world. World, belly.

The woman behind the baby.

the woman behind the baby. malve has such a great house and I loved using the stairs as a background and a somewhat comfy (because really at that point in the pregnancy what really is comfy?) place for her to sit for a portrait.


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